Our Hybrid Partner

Our Hybrid Partner

 NQ Media 

NQ Media specialise in providing high quality high definition slideshow movies to our personal and business customers. Whether you are looking to create a slideshow movie to celebrate a special day or event or whether you are looking to promote and impress your business customers in a new and exciting way we are sure you will be impressed.

The main concept behind our services is the relatively new and exciting development called Hybrid Imaging. For many years the Digital World of photo and video were kept very much apart and separate.  Either in the past, you watched a video or you looked at your photos either after printing or on your PC. Now those two Worlds are finally coming together into a new exciting set of products.

“Enabling you to take your finished movies wherever you go”

Technology has come a long way in recent years making it not only easier for you the customer to upload images and video clips but also enabling us to prepare all these special digital slideshows in High Definition and ready for a variety of products including PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, smart phones as well as more traditional DVD enabling you to take you finished movies wherever you go.

“Amazing Digital products make excellent gifts for families”

These amazing Digital products make excellent gifts for families enabling them to enhance a celebration or special holiday in a way that was previously prohibitively expensive.

“Powerful option for businesses looking to promote their business”

These types of products also make a very viable and powerful option for businesses looking to promote their business in a more engaging way.

As well as offering Slideshow movies for Personal and Business customers, we are also pleased to offer our own in house team of Hybrid Imaging Photographers who can provide High Quality Photo and Video shoots for virtually any occasion. For more information, please visit our Hybrid Imaging page here.